Mirrors and Mirror Cladding

Mirror Cladding

Placing mirrors on the walls gives the feeling of spaciousness and multiplies the light in any office, hall or room. Our mirrors come in an endless variety of shapes heights and widths but are generally 4mm or 6mm thick, use clear and extra-clear glass, and are bronze or gray. No matter the form or size, all of these varieties and combinations complete and harmonise the spaces in which the mirrors are mounted.

Bathroom Mirrors

Any bath room needs at least one mirror. Depending on the area where it is installed, the mirror can be 4mm or 6mm in clear, bronze or gray. Glas Expert finishes and mounts mirrors that comply with European Standards, which are the highest in the world. In the case of our mirrors, the quality of the raw materials used is vital and extremely high by necessity. All of our mirrors are guaranteed against corrosion. Our mirrors retain their pristine structure and appearance for at least 10 years, eve …

Anti-Steam Mirror

The electric anti-misting system glued to the back of the bathroom mirror is a highly practical and elegant solution to the ‘steamed mirror’, caused by baths and showers. The demisting system is sized and adapted to the mirror’s dimensions. The systems are available in 3 variants, in size and power: – 274x 358 mm, Putere 17,5 W – 410x 524 mm, Putere 40 W – 708x 524mm, Putere 70 W

Tempered and Safety Mirror

The increased demand for shower cabins with mirrored doors has created the need to develop a product that has mirror characteristics but can also be safe and secure. However, being somewhat like a regular, untempered glass, no mechanical fixtures or fittings can be attached directly onto mirrors, as they break easily, making them hazardous. Accordingly, Glas Expert has tested and developed an EVODUR ESG tempered safety glass with physical characteristics very close to those of a mirror.