Wall Fixed Glass Light – EVOLIGHT W

EVOLIGHT is a product developed and innovated by Glas Expert for both office and private spaces. Light is very important in a room and the addition of a warm light source creates a pleasant ambience.

EVOLIGHT can also be installed on the walls, either as a continuation of the ceiling lighting or on its own. The whole installation must be hidden in the plasterboard/gypsum, but the maintenance aspects must first be considered.

The area where the transformers are hidden must be accessible even by removing an EVOLIGHT strip. Practical aspects must be customised, in accordance with the site and the client’s requirements.

EVOLIGHT is available in various lengths and can be mounted on the wall from 800mm but up to 3000mm.
EVOLIGHT power is between 7-19 W / linear meter and the product is guaranteed for at least 50,000 hours of operation.
Ultraclear (low-iron) ceramic screen printed EVOKERAM S glass is used for EVOLIGHT’s base, with various thicknesses available, depending on the length of the longest segment to be installed.