Ventilated Glass Facade System – INOVENT D


INOVENT tempered ceramic glass ventilated facades with demountable profiles were developed by Glas Expert to enable to access to everything hidden between the wall and the façade at any time. Any maintenance required behind the ventilated façade, whether for electrical wiring, installations or automation devices, is easily achieved without damaging any of the glass panels.
This system can be mounted in any season and does not require temperatures to be above 10 degrees – as is generally the case with classically mounted facades.
INOVENT can include windows, even ‘one piece windows’ up to 4000mm x 1200mm in size. The carefully studied and appropriately developed solution for bonding EVOKERAM R tempered ceramic enamelled glass onto metal profiles ensures that the glass panels remain in place regardless of weather, UV rays or mechanical factors.
The possibility of alternating EVOKERAM R’s matte and glossy finishes can give the entire facade a uniquely elegant design. All colours of the RAL palette are available. LED lights can be added in specially designed formations, interleaved with the INOVENT ventilated façade, creating alternating illuminated or coloured areas.
An INOVENT ventilated facade with an eye-catching 1440 dpi ceramic enamel print is a practical way to upgrade and enhance any building.