Toilet Glass Cubicles – Ceramic Printed Glass

EVOCUBICLE toilet compartments, made from tempered and ceramic enamel EVOPRINT glass have a wide applicability throughout the public, commercial, or office space sectors.
Available in the EVOPRINT ceramic printed version or with EVOPRINT inserts, on EVOKERAM ceramic enamelled glass, EVOCUBICLE toilet partition systems are easy to harmonise with other features in the room.
EVOCUBICLE has no visible hardware. Aside from the handle, which has a functional role and can not be hidden, all fittings are glued to the glass. All hinges, connectors and stabilising bars are glued and invisible from outside the cubicle. EVOCUBICLE booths can also be elegantly enhanced by a ceramic enamel print. The handle can be electrostatically painted in almost any colour, tailored to the EVOKERAM ceramic enamelled glass.
The stainless steel hinges have a built-in return system and are tested for 250’000 cycles. All fittings and parts specially designed for this system are specifically made of stainless steel or aluminum so as to be resistant to chemical cleaning agents. Electrostatically painted parts resist the chemicals generally used for cleaning in such public venues.
EVOCUBICLE toilet compartments have 100mm high floor mounting systems so that cleaning devices can get access.
EVOCUBICLE toilet compartments are available in EVOLAM T or EVODUR ESG.