Sliding Glass Doors Telescopic MTG V2400

The MTG 2400 telescopic system is ideal for large spaces with a maximum length of 6 m. By fully sliding the 6 or 7 EVODUR ESG panels to the wall or parallel to a fixed panel, the MTG 2400 allows you to enter and use the entire space, without restrictions. Variants are available that close one, two or three sides of an open space, and Glas Expert has the experience and expertise required to mount such systems quickly, safely and securely.

For example, if two sides, of a living room are free, even if uneven, privacy can be ensured by installing two independent systems on each side of the room. Thus, one or both systems can be opened, depending on the user’s requirements.
The MTG 2400 is the only assembly that enables sliding glass panels. The minimum size of a sliding panel is 650mm and the maximum is 1000mm.

The system is available for wall or ceiling mounting with a set of covers that mask the trolleys on each slide. The sliding rails and masking cap sizes are 158x135mm for the ceiling mounted and 151x133mm for the wall mount.

If the objective is to visual partition the room, you can choose the EVOPRINT ceramic enamel printing variant incorporating a decal, symbol, logo or image.