Swing Glass Doors Dorma TP

DORMA TP/TA door rails are designed to stiffen and stabilise the glass doors with large widths over 1100mm. Dorma developed two types of glass door bands: one 100 mm and another 76.5 mm, varying the lengths depending on project requirements. They are available for EVODUR ESG 10 mm glass, but with DORMA TP/TA door rails replacements they also fit 12mm or 8mm thick glass. Upon request, the 100mm DORMA TP/TA door rails can also be supplied for thicknesses of EVOLAM T 13.5mm,15mm,17mm,19mm and 21mm variants.

DORMA TP/TA door rails can also be applied to double doors, making it possible to open doors so that the free passage space can reach up to 2800mm.

All DORMA TP/TA door rails are designed and built to be mounted both on the doors and on the fixed parts so that the height of the rail is kept equal. The final image will be a harmonious assembly with a constant high of the rail. The adjustable DORMA TP/TA door rails system make it possible to align them with the fixed parts at equal distances, with a 4mm gap between the EVODUR ESG panels.

The system is easy to install and the EVODUR ESG or EVOLAM T glass does not require holes or cuts.

There is a wide range of handles to choose from, with various designs and finishes.