Swing Glass Doors Dorma BEYOND

Safe, functional and extremely attractive, DORMA BEYOND is a unique system for glass doors. The harmonious design, along with the cylindrical shape of the hinges, places Dorma Beyond at the top of the list, not only for families with children but for a plethora of other applications. The system is mounted so that the pivot point is at the edge of the glass, preventing the children from getting their fingers between the door and the wall.

Glas Expert mounts the Dorma Beyond system with EVODUR ESG or EVOLAM T glass with thicknesses between 8-12mm, to ensure protection and safety for those who use it.

Dorma Beyond specifications:
– Maximum door width: 1000mm
– Maximum door height: 2200mm
– maximum door weight: 80 Kg
If the assembly has an overpanel, it must comply with the following:
– Maximum surplus width: 1000mm
– maximum offset height: 600mm

The Dorma Beyond system can also be fitted with 350mm, 750mm, 1100mm handles and locks and +/- locks in various designs and finishes: Dorma Arcos, Dorma Rondo, Dorma Office etc.

The finishes available for the Dorma Beyond system are: anodised aluminum, EV 1 Deco aluminum and satin finish.