Swing Glass Doors Dorma ARCOS UNIVERSAL

‘Versatility’ and ‘functionality’ are words that perfectly define the Universal Arcos system, which won a design award from Red Dot Design Zentrum in Germany. The Arcos system has different forms and applications with vertical or horizontal locking orientations and is available in over 10 finishes.

Glas Expert mounts this type of system using EVODUR ESG and EVOLAM T tempered safety glass, between 10mm and 12mm thick.
A wide range of handles are available to harmonise doors with the rest of the surrounding elements.

Dorma Arcos Universal specifications:
– Maximum door width: 1100 mm
– Maximum door height: 3000mm
– maximum door weight: 100 Kg

Large doors over 1100mm can be fitted with upper and lower bands (see Dorma swing glass doors TP / TA Doors), with doors up to 1400mm wide and 3000mm high. The overpanel is mounted by connectors for walls or glass. Closure systems are also available for floor and overpanel mounting – of course, in this case the doors must have heights up to 2200mm for the closure to be accessed.

Dorma floor spring systems are chosen depending on the area in which they are to be installed and the conditions they must withstand (see Dorma Universal Doors).