Suspended Glass Light – EVOLIGHT

When creating an atmosphere conducive to work, lights and lighting fixtures are integral details to consider for designers and architects.
EVOLIGHT lighting fixtures, developed and produced by Glas Expert, are EVOKERAM S Ceramic Stained Glass Products with the addition of warm light LEDs. The design process was lengthy, with many tests and trials, adapting the dimensions of the cables and fixtures in a way that best harmonises the lighting installation with the room.

Our tests have shown us the best direction in which to mount the LEDs, the optimal dimension to optimize cost, the most efficient glass variants through which the lighting effect is maximised, the involvement and effect of the ceramic enamel in the whole assembly and to what extent it affects transmission of light through the glass.

EVOLIGHT power is between 7-19 W linear meter and the product is guaranteed for 50’000 hours of operation. EVOLIGHT is available in the following dimensions: 800mm, 1200mm, 2250mm, 3000mm. Other sizes can be made on request.
Overlapping EVOLIGHT lighting in the same area but at different heights creates a spectacular, futuristic visual effect.

With all details in compliance with safety standards and with all necessary maintenance aspects anticipated and taken into account, the EVOLIGHT light fixtures developed and manufactured by Glas Expert are an outstanding solution for offices and commercial spaces.