Sliding Glass Wall – Dorma HSW

The HSW (Horizontal Sliding Walls) system allows for the closure and sealing of large open spaces of nearly 11m. It covers a wide range of applications, for use both indoors and outdoors, in private and public spaces. They can satisfy a wide range of requirements in terms of style, material and finish or colour and can also be equipped with individually manufactured panels that perform special functions.
HSW panels are parked individually, leaving users options in determining access size or how much of the zone is to be closed off or partitioned. Each panel being completely separate, they are easy to handle and slide smoothly along the profile, which is installed into the ceiling.

Existing structures or unusual structures often require special solutions, especially in the design of the panel parking area. DORMA HSW systems can be parked in a number of different positions. Panels can be aligned parallel, perpendicular or oblique to the facade or display case, may be visible or hidden behind the columns, walls, etc. Another possibility is to park the system in line, but outside the access path either behind a wall or in a niche. To fully open a space, the door must be mounted eccentrically on any part of the display case or office.

If specified, the system can be opened or closed at the touch of a button, via remote control. 90-degree turnout or curve fittings are available for closing two sides with the one single HSW system . The total weight of the HSW / EVODUR ESG glass system must not exceed 1000 Kg.

Dorma HSW specifications:
– Maximum door width and panels: 1000 mm
– Maximum system height: 3500mm
– maximum door weight: 100 Kg
– maximum glass thickness: 12mm