Sliding Glass Wall – Dorma HSW GP

For special spaces with special design requirements where glass is to be used for partitioning, Dorma has developed the HSW GP system. It combines the spectacular design of the Dorma MANET system with the utility of the classic HSW system. With stainless steel fittings and a way to adapt the point-fixings to the glass, HSW GP is perfectly adaptable to curved enclosures with tempered glass EVOLAM CONTOUR.

The opening and closing of the whole system is extremely easy and requires little effort, with stainless steel rollers sliding smoothly in the ceiling-embedded profile.

There are several options for enclosing or partitioning a space with this system: one or more doors, with interleaved panels between doors or aligned in series, or on a curved or straight variant, joining two or more sides of a private or public space.

The is a uniquely elegant system and HSW GP adds value to any space where it is installed.
Dorma HSW specifications:
– Maximum door width and panels: 1200 mm
– Maximum system height: 3000mm
– maximum panel weight: 100 Kg
– maximum panel thickness: 12mm

For ‘comfortable visual partitioning’ of any given space, we recommend placing a ceramic printed image or coloured stripes at eye level on the glass, using EVOPRINT. If the objective is to create a completely private space, then the entire surface of the EVODUR ESG can be ceramic printed with a special photo or image, at resolutions of up to 1330 DPI.