Sliding Glass Doors Dorma RSP 80

The RSP 80 system’s sophisticated track roller assembly is capable of meeting a wide range of customer requirements up to the highest level: its two visible and maintenance-free roller carriers are rated to support glass panels of up to 80 kg in weight. Sliding on the round track is silent and smooth. The major advantage of the DORMA RSP 80 system is that it provides a minimum distance between the wall and the door, playing an important role in sound insulation.

In terms of ease of operation, the RSP 80 meets the Class 3 EN 1527 criteria, which requires only 4% of the door mass to be overcome as initial force to start the door in motion. The aluminum sliding bar is round, extruded into a special support profile for direct wall mounting. Hinged on this bar, the rollers glide with the EVODUR ESG panel up to the optimal position, where it meets the special damping stop device.

The glass thickness adjustment system is simply ingenious: a rotating plastic insert ensures secure location of panels from 8 to 13.5 mm thick.

Protracted tests comprising over 50,000 motion cycles (to EN 1527) have proven the RSP 80 to have a long service life. The RSP 80 also offers a high level of corrosion resistance, making these fittings suitable for use in wet rooms.

Dorma RSP 80 specifications:
– maximum door weight: 80 Kg
– maximum height: 3000mm
– maximum door width: 1000mm