Walk IN Shower Glass Screen

Whether spacious or otherwise, no modern bathroom is complete without a shower cubicle. The numerous configurations available and the fact that they can be uniquely configured to each bathing room, makes a shower cabinet the ideal solution for the modern household.
Simple shower partitions are the easiest to mount and the most cost effective. As such, a shower panel must be attached to three sides: either two sides and one with a stabiliser bar or all three sides installed into the profile, in which case the panel must reach the ceiling.
For Glas Expert shower cabinets we EVODUR ESG safety glass and, if specified, extra-clear or ultra-clear-low (low-iron).EVOLAM K tempered and laminated safety glass. In all variants, the mounting profiles can be U-type, stainless steel or anodised aluminum. Stainless steel legs lift the shower enclosure, facilitating drainage and ease of cleaning. Ceiling connectors are an option, but not the safest option – the mechanical fixation must be done outside the glass plane, not parallel with or alongside it.
The stabilizing bars are mounted at 45 degrees and afixed securely to the adjacent wall, stabilising the EVODUR ESG safety glass and keeping it firmly in place for safe operation.
‘Walk-in’ variants are usually mounted in generous spaces, allowing the panel to be installed in the middle of the passage, creating two entrances. For this configuration it is necessary to fix profiles onto the floor and ceiling. If the screen does not reach the ceiling, then the technical solution is to mount two stabilizing bars on the top of the panel.