Shower Cabinets with Swing Doors

Glas Expert produces shower cabinets/ doors In various configurations using extra-clear, ultra clear (low-iron) glass, either tinted or tempered mirror type glass. The door can be mounted to the wall as a single shower cubicle, sandwiched between two fixed partitions, or attached to a single panel.
Being the most reliable, Dorma’s ‘S 1000’ are the most used shower door hinges. The fixed sections are mounted onto the wall, either with a U profile on three sides, or only on two sides, the third side being fitted with the stabilising bar. If the door is framed by two fixed partitions, glass-glass hinges can be fitted. We also have solutions for doors that are fixed to the wall and those that connect with a fixed partition.
The EVOCLEAN anti-limescale treatment is applied to the interior surfaces of the cubicle, preventing limescale deposits and keeping the glass clean and shiny.
For Glas Expert shower cabinets we EVODUR ESG safety glass and, if specified, extra-clear or ultra-clear-low (low-iron).EVOLAM K tempered and laminated safety glass. The shower cabinet profiles are stainless steel and anodised aluminum and are mechanically fixed to the floor and the wall. In case of underfloor heating, Glas Expert has a waterproof solution for bonding the profiles. The stabilising bar can have glossy or satinated finishes. The connecting elements of the glass stabiliser bar are varied and include: wall / bar connectors, glass / bar, elbows and connecting pieces at different angles and inclinations.
For shower cabinets in atypical bathrooms, Glas Expert mounts fixed doors and panels at 135 degrees. We have the entire range of fittings for such installations: hinges, connectors, stabiliser bar and 135 degree clamping attachments.
For sealing, we have a wide range of silicone seals both for door gaps and fixed panels, as well as for hermetic door closure and keeping it closed with magnetic gaskets. They are available for both 90 ° and 180 ° or 135 ° configurations.