Point-Fixed Glass Canopies 

It has been demonstrated extensively that glass can be successfully integrated into buildings with both modern and classical architecture.
Glass canopies are commonly used due to the many glass specifications and features available which, combined with stainless steel, steel, wood and other materials, enrich the look of any building.

With regard to outdoor installation, EVOLAM T tempered and laminated safety glass allows for almost any combination of sizes, but the safest configurations are those that go from 8.8.2 to 10.10.4. Applications involving metal or wood structures, in combination with Spider stainless steel systems, make a variety of EVOLAM T laminated flat or curved glass combinations possible; processed on numerically controlled machines capable of copying structural shapes.

Spider stainless steel systems offer a wide range of options, with one, two, three or four arms that reliably anchor onto metal or wooden canopy profiles. Capable of adjusting to any variations in flatness of the metal profile with adjustable spacers, Spider systems are the best solution for mounting EVOLAM T tempered and laminated safety-glass canopies.

A canopy could incorporate EVOPRINT glass panels, ceramic enamel printed with vector images or pictures, ceramic EVOKERAM S in various colours and with specific patterns that can mimic sandblasting (but with superior resilience), EVOLAM K laminated with translucent, opaque, matte, frosted or coloured foils, or with coloured or tinted glass etc.