Office Dividers Wall – SINGLE GL 

Glass divider walls have always been an eye catching element in the office space, and the mounting systems used are constantly undergoing innovative improvements and upgrades.
A bright and open space will always benefit from a glass partition or a regular partition with glass doors.

Glas Expert has a wide range of highly adaptable partition related hardware that can meet any requirements. With DORMA Tensor hinges, Dorma ARCOS or STUDIO aluminum hinges and fittings, glass doors can be customised with dedicated locks or access control.
Dorma systems, with various door fittings, cover all types of application requirements.

Glass divider walls are made of 10mm clear or ultra-clear (low-iron) EVODUR ESG, and EVOLAM T in configurations of 4.4.2, 5.5.2 or 6.6.2. Glas Expert also has solutions for configurations that exceed 12mm for both swing door and sliding door variants. The profiles range into which the glass assemblies are mounted : from the simplest ‘U20x15x20mm’ profile to the Dorma – consisting of a base profile with holes (at 300 mm intervals) clamps with screws, shims and spacers, provides a surrounding frame on the wall and ceiling.

Glass wall dividers using Glas Expert’s specially developed aluminum profile also benefit from incresed sound insulation, providing additional comfort and privacy in office spaces, meeting rooms or interview rooms.