Office Dividers Wall – DOUBLE GL ISO

Interior double glass office dividers walls provide necessary sound insulation in busy working environments. Glass partitioning systems are ideal for creating specific office spaces or environments, such as meeting rooms, interview rooms and the like. The glass divider walls system is made up of two aluminum frames onto which the glass is bonded.

Clear or ultra-clear EVODUR ESG glass is usually used for these types of partition. The areas where the glass is glued to the frame are hidden by an EVOKERAM S screen printed image or decal in most cases. Aluminum profiles can be up to 4 cm wide on the visible side, with varying thicknesses depending on the insulating characteristics required by the client. Interior double glass wall systems may be composed of 10 mm or 6 mm EVODUR ESG glass.

For ‘comfortable visual partitioning’ of any given space, we recommend placing a ceramic printed image or coloured stripes at eye level on the glass, using EVOPRINT. If the objective is to create a completely private space, then the entire surface of the EVODUR ESG can be ceramic printed with a special photo or image, at resolutions of up to 1330 DPI.