Mirrors Cladding 

Placing mirrors on the walls gives the feeling of spaciousness and multiplies the light in any office, hall or room.
Our mirrors come in an endless variety of shapes heights and widths but are generally 4mm or 6mm thick, use clear and extra-clear glass, and are bronze or gray. No matter the form or size, all of these varieties and combinations complete and harmonise the spaces in which the mirrors are mounted. Glas Expert only processes mirrors that conform to current, lead-free standards.

For a particularly elegant look, the mirrors can be faceted from 10mm to 35mm. The joining of pieces over 400mm requires the angles to be perfectly finished. If the facet of a piece sits in the extension of another, then both facets must have exactly the same dimensions. The corners of pieces mounted next to each other must also be perfectly finished at 90 degrees to avoid gaps.

In order to have a uniform and undistorted image, the supporting wall must be perfectly flat. Small flatness deviations can be accomodated by the adhesive but they can not be larger than 2mm.

CNC cutouts are required in order to incorporate taps, sockets or plated mirrors. This machine generates glossy or matt finishes, depending on the inner radius of the cut.

Succesfully joining and bonding mirrors at 45 degree angles requires first-rate equipment, significant experience, attention to detail and supreme craftsmanship. Glas Expert meets all of these conditions, empowering us to deliver final products of the highest quality.