Glue-Fixed Glass Canopies

Glass canopies can be added to any type of building and can be perfectly integrated into the prevaling aesthetic. The functionality and reliability, easy maintenance and sheer strength and resilience are elements that increasingly determine safety glass as the architectural design choice for canopies.

EVOLAM T tempered and laminated safety glass can be used in almost any combination of size variations for outdoor use and can therefore be used in simple configurations, that are easy to install in private homes, without the special structures usually required for areas that have severe weather and/or a variable climate.

The required glass strength can be easily calculated depending on the size and specific weight it needs to withstand or support. The wide variety of options available makes each glass canopy project an architectural challenge. A canopy could incorporate EVOPRINT glass panels, ceramic enamel printed with vector images or pictures, ceramic EVOKERAM S in various colours and with specific patterns that can mimic sandblasting (but with superior resilience), EVOLAM K laminated with translucent, opaque, matte, frosted or coloured foils, or with coloured or ornamental glass, etc.

In a direct connection with the canopy structure, specially developed bonding solutions/ mounting and sealing kits designed for exterior installations make it possible to use only 2 elements; glass and the profile structure, without the involvement of any other fixtures or fittings.

These qualities combined make the use of glass canopies more and more attractive to architects involved new and renovation projects. In some cases, the utility and variations available making them a necessary product.