Glass with Compact System

EVODUR ESG tempered glass panels fitted with the COMPACT single-point fixings system bring novelty in the design and construction of a wide range of partitions.

COMPACT is the only safe and efficient hardware solution for curved glass partitions, available for projects that require 10mm and 12mm thicknesses, or configurations of 6.6.2 or 8.8.2.
The high-quality stainless steel fixture, applied directly to the EVODUR ESG or EVOLAM T glass, meet the highest requirements in terms of visual impact.

The COMPACT system has options that include connectors between parts fixed at various angles or parts that anchor the glass to adjacent structures.. Other types of connectors are used to fix EVOLAM K safety glass panels to rigid walls or structures (floor, ceiling).
Using EVODUR ESG 10 mm, 12 mm thick or 6.6.2 or 8.8.2 configurations, Glas Expert mounts the COMPACT system both for assemblies it needs to stiffen, as well as for projects that need to be fitted with minimal interest in neighboring areas.

High-grade stainless steel fixtures sitting flush with the EVODUR ESG or EVOLAM T glass surface in chamfered holes creates a visual that meets the highest requirements in terms of visual impact.