Glass Windows Shop for Outdoor 

Technical solutions for outdoor /exterior windows shops are varied and pose a challenge in terms of type of materials chosen, as well as fittings and sealing options but by far the most important role is the type of lamination foil used for the EVOLAM K – this foil should be UV-resistant to protect the objects or items on display from fading.

Exterior store entrance doors must be fitted with one of two special systems: BTS 75 or BTS 80, the latter being the most resistant to strong winds and the adverse effects of rain and snow. Winfangs are a practical solution to ease passage from the exterior to the interior, requiring two sets of doors, equipped with different systems.

EVODUR ESG, which is always tempered, can be machined in different ways, depending on the systems used to install it: drilling, manual cutting, CNC cutting, lamination, sandblasting, enamelling, screen printing etc.
If necessary, the TP / TA bands can be used for external glass doors but They must be made of materials appropriate for outdoor installation, either from stainless steel or be electrostatically painted.

EVOLAM K, EVA – laminated glass plays an important role in the prevention of vandalism and burglary. This type of foil has formidable strength, and its ability to restrict UV radiation by 90% is another major advantage when it comes to glass display cases or exterior windows.