Indoor Windows Shops 

Glas Expert is well known as a supplier of shop windows, Glas Expert is well known as a supplier of shop windows, ensuring accurate on-site measurement, design, production, installation and maintenance.

Interior shop windows are often installed with the classic solutions: Dorma perimeter profile, EVODUR ESG glass, Dorma BTS, PT 10, PT 20, PT 30 or PT 40 hardware, US 10 locks – with a wide variety of handles to choose from.
Design projects with imposed solutions involve special glasses, either ultraclear ( low-iron) EVOLAM K, or contoured EVOKERAM S, with special Dorma ARCOS hardware, either in stainless steel or electrostatically painted.

Glas Expert has developed unique and spectacular store display solutions for some very well-known brands (see H & M Mega Mall); the method of bonding EVOLAM K glass to the metal structure, using UV resistant adhesive, is ‘tried, tested and proven’ and has a lifespan of well over 20 years.

The components we use to construct shop windows are made of the highest quality materials and our safety glasses conform to and exeed requirements demanded by the EN 12150 European standard.

Large doors or window openings close with a horizontal sliding walls or similar. Glas Expert incorporates connecting points, point fixings or Spider systems in all the projects.