Glass with Spider System 

Glass elevator doors are a special feature in any office building. The same is true of an interior glass partition wall that replaces a windfang. And an EVOLAM K laminated and tempered glass canopy can enrich and enhance any building’s façade; all of these types of installations are attached to adjacent structures by one, two, three or four spider-type clamping pieces.
When it comes to safety and security, as required by the closing of an elevator door, for instance, EVOLAM K laminated and tempered glass is required as an essential element.

The point-fixings have different variants and number of arms depending on the area in which they are fastened and the elements they hold together. With one, two, three or four arms, Spider systems have the ability to accurately position large, heavy glass panels from 8.8.4 to 15.15.4 configurations. The same type of systems ensures correct positioning of the glass and its connection to the wall next to it or to the metal structure on which it is fastened. The chamfered or countersunk holes in EVODUR ESG glass fully incorporate the point fixings so that they are secured flush into the exterior surface of the glass, creating a stunning visual with clean lines.

The stainless alloy Spider hardware has excellent load-bearing properties and comes in either a satin or glossy finish.
Impressively sized and spectacular looking interior glass partition walls are highlighted by the perfect alignment of EVOLAM K safety glass panels, with equal sized gaps between each edge. The special materials, the shape of the Spider fittings, the careful design and alignment of the entire structure, the adaptation to the area where it is to be installed, the door fitting where necessary, combined with Glas Expert’s experience and expertise ensured an absolutely spectacular result at the end of the project.

For visual partitioning without completely obstruct the light or visibility, EVOLAM K enamelled and tempered safety glass used in elevators/lifts or in interior partition walls can include an EVOPRINT ceramic printed image or coloured stripes placed at eye level.