Glass Railings – Fixed Point

Railings with fixing points, which are always made of EVOLAM T-laminated safety glass, have the advantage of generating more space either on a staircase or balcony. The free space is much greater than when the railing is fitted into a profile.

The stainless steel fixtures, can be completely inserted into the EVOLAM T by chamfering the outer glass layer. Thus, only small areas of stainless steel , 45 mm in diameter, can be seen on the front of the glass.

There is another ty e of fixture that can be applied, with the head protruding through the glass plane. Having the same safety features and the ability to adapt to coplanarity deviations in the concrete, these particular fixtures are also made of stainless steel and look just as spectacular as the chamfered version.

Handrails can be attached onto the side of the concrete or directly onto the floor with point fixings – in this case the glass is mounted using small stainless steel pillars. Tested and approved for an impact force of 1.5kN, the fixtures come in various shapes and can be mounted onto a concrete floor with or without masking caps.

EVOLAM CONTOUR railings can be mounted directly onto the concrete , following its curvature. In this case, adjustable spacers are essential to accommodate the radial differences between the glass and the wall to which it is mounted.