Railings with Metallic Structures

EVOLAM T glass railings are designed and configured specifically to remove or minimize the risk of falling. The type of fixtures and fittings used, the type of area in which the glass railings are to be mounted, along with general traffic volumes in the area are all essential elements taken into account where correct sizing and thickness of the EVOLAM T glass is concerned.

Laminated safety glass pillars provide additional strength to either very high railings, or to those that have to withstand special wind conditions, without having to include any other supporting elements that might detract from the installation’s intended appearance.
Metal, stainless steel or glass pillars allow for the thickness of the EVOLAM T glass to be reduced, compared to the situation in which the glass railing itself is the only element ensuring safety and security.

Stainless steel pillars in various shapes and with different options for indoor or outdoor installation, are available in different finishes and are easy to fit. If EVOLAM T is installed with stainless steel pillars, the permissible thickness can be at least 4.2.4mm, a configuration that increases in proportion to the railing dimensions.

Metal pillars can be customised and manufactured specifically according to project requirements. Electrostatic spray painting, which can be done in a wide range of colours, allows us to mount this type of structure outdoors.

With or without handrails, railings fitted with pillars are some of the simplest and easiest to install.