Glass Railings – Glue Fixed

Innovations in the field of adhesives have developed at a significant rate and applications specific to bonding glass have evolved accordingly. Known as a ‘technical solutions’ innovator, Glas Expert has researched, tried and tested a plethora of architectural glass adhesives.

The ‘bonded glass’ technical solutions studied and developed by Glas Expert are coupled with and supported by the results of many laboratory ‘Rapid Aging’ tests. We purchased force measuring equipment, along with special tools to test degrees of tension, and created separate testing areas in the production hall. All of the tests and trials lead to the same conclusion: architectural glass can be bonded successfully, safely and securely in a multitude of applications.

As soon as the viability of our bonding solutions were confirmed by the rigorous laboratory and ‘impact resistance’ test results, we started mounting ‘EVOLAM T tempered and laminated safety glass’ railings using the special adhesives.
Impact testing of glued railings installed at specific heights (in accordance with TRAV regulations) has shown this technology can be successfully aand safely used in areas with high levels of pedestrian traffic. During testing, the EVOLAM T glass railings, bonded using a special technical solution developed specially by Glas Expert, successfully withstood significant impacts from as high as 1200mm.

The entire area where adhesive has been applied to the EVOLAM T is usually hidden behind a printed image or decal. Using ceramic enamel printing on the outside of the glass, along with ceramic screenprinting on the inside, creates an opaque area that hides the bonding solution very effectively. Any colour in the RAL palette can be used, so there are no limitations in terms of harmonising with neighboring elements.

Because safety and security come first, Glas Expert takes every precaution when mounting this type of railing.