Glass Railings – Aluminium Profile Fixing

European Safety and Security Standards require that railings be an effective safety guard against falling. According to these standards, in order to provide this type of protection, the glass must be tempered and laminated and in various configurations adapted to traffic conditions and wind resistance.
Depending on the application, different types of profiles are adapted and used accordingly. The entire assembly, including glass, glue and profile, is tested according to TRAV rules.
U-profiles installed on the floor can have different heights and varying thicknesses. If an impact resistance of 1 kN is required, the profile thickness may be reduced, full or extruded in some form. This type of railing profile is only used on domestic housing balconies, and no higher than the first floor.
For an impact strength of 2kN, the profile thickness must be increased, the profile height of the should be greater and the base should be appropriately machined to mount into the concrete securely. This level of safety is usually required in commercial centers with medium traffic, or blocks of flats.
Profiles that can withstand a force of 3 kN are the most sturdy, having a very specific structure and constructed from materials with increased resistance to bending or warping. These types of profile are installed at great heights, in high rise buildings and housing blocks, public spaces with high-traffic volume, and at airports or shopping centers.
The glass configuration in these cases, wich is always tempered and laminated, ranges from a minimum of 8.2.8mm to 12.4.12mm, mounted in profiles that allow for the installation of glass panels with thicknesses appropriate to the respective spaces.
Y profiles are used when the railing is mounted directly onto concrete, also with different dimensions and structures depending on the glass thickness required by the application.
Available in various materials appropriate for indoor or outdoor installation, in various finishes, with masking/ end caps, the U or Y profiles are the safest method of installing glass railings.