Engraved Glass with LED

We are seeing more and more private and public projects boldy and innovatively using engraved and ‘LED illuminated’ safety glass in their designs. CNC engraving on ultra-clear (low iron) glass looks beautiful all on its own but the addition of LED lighting creates a combined effect that is absolutely stunning. Engraving is only to be done on EVODUR ESG glass panels, the engraving process being done on the glass surface after tempered processing.
Glas Expert mounts warm or cool light LEDs and adapts specific types of LED for exterior or interior use according to project requirements. Currently there is not a great deal of choice in regard to the profiles in which the LED strips can be mounted, due to certain aspects that have to be taken into account during installation, but the available satinated stainless steel or anodized aluminum finishes are striking regardless.
CNC engraving allows for writing in variable depths and sizes. The minimum engraving size of a line is 2mm. The light transmitted by the LED bands refracts in and around the engraved pattern and appears spectacularly illuminated.
Glas Expert uses LED strips that are guaranteed for 50,000 hours of operation. We choose LED strips of the highest quality in order to deliver a superbly designed, low maintenance, finely finished product.
The engraved pattern needs to be personalized, none of the variants on EVODUR ESG engraved glass are repeated, but each customer has another drawing. The client must provide his own drawing in a vector format.
CNC engraving is done on EVODUR ESG glass with a minimum thickness of 8mm (for small panel sizes) up to 19mm, the maximum thickness possible for tempered glass.