Glass Furniture for Residential 

Residential glass furniture can be very complex and elaborate and involve much attention to detail. Typically, 45-degree finishing is a common requirement and ultra-clear (low-iron) EVODUR ESG tempered safety glass is used in this case.
The glass bookshelf, with UV bonded shelves, can support a distributed weight of up to 20 Kg, depending on the glass thickness and the surface of the UV-bonded edge.

Glass tables jointed at 45 degrees look particularly good and can be enhanced by adding an EVOPRINT ceramic print. Stainless steel profiles can be added to the furniture in areas where the EVODUR tempered glass feet touch the floor.
CD stands or electronic devices are made of ultra-clear (low iron) EVODUR glass with a bronze or gray coloured substrate or interlayer.

Glas Expert has developed and innovated many details for residential furniture with hinges hidden behind the EVOKERAM S ceramic enamel layer or an EVOPRINT ceramic print. Tests done show that the infrared waves from remote controls can pass through the EVOPRINT ceramic printed glass as we control the thickness of the applied ceramic ink layer.

The glass shelves can be fitted using various types of fixtures or by UV bonding, even onto a mirror. Because safety and security requirements are increasing in regard to the UV bonding of mirrors, we worked diligently to come up with solution that included a moisture resistant polymer which meets those requirements.