Glass Doors with Wall Hinges – Dorma S1000

Dorma developed the S1000 hinge system in order to meet the demands for a simple, reliable hinge that is easy to install. With this in mind, DORMA has developed all kinds of options that a complete system should have:

Glass/wall hinge with full flange

Glass/wall hinge with half flange
– Glass-glass hinge at 180 degrees
– glass-glass hinge at 90 degrees
– Glass-glass hinge at 135 degrees
– wall-glass connector
– glass-glass connector at 180 degrees
– glass-glass connector at 90 degrees
– glass-glass connector at 135 degrees

The fitting can accomodate 8 mm EVODUR ESG glass and, optionally, the door can be ceramic enamel printed using EVOPRINT, or coated with the special EVOCLEAN treatment.
Bear in mind that the DORMA S1000 hinges do not keep the door in the closed position with the same accuracy as the TENSOR hinges or the BTS system. To install the door with these type of hinges, magnetic seals are added to help secure the door. Initially designed by DORMA for shower cunicles, S1000 hinges can also be used successfully for swing doors separating two rooms.