Glass Doors with Wall Hinges – Dorma TENSOR

Innovation and technology converge with the Dorma Tensor hinges, which are extremely elegant door frame fittings installed in areas with underfloor heating and others with similar mounting restrictions. These revolutionary systems for glass doors contain the return system, which means it is no longer necessary to install BTS in the floor.

Tensor keeps the doors in a closed position at 0 degrees and open at 90 degrees. Returning to the closed position is faster than the BTS system, but maintaining the door at the same level and aligning it with the wall or the fixed point is done constantly and without deviations, only by virtue of these hinges.

Whether fixing to a wall or glass, TENSOR hinges are available in 2 finishes: anodised aluminum and glossy stainless steel and a wide range of elegant and robust handle models are available in matching finishes. EVODUR ESG glass can be ceramic enamel printed, using

EVOPRINT, or can be engraved, both options producing an effect that is a feast for the eyes.
– interior doors (single or double) in private or public environments
– Suitable for wet rooms (but not for saunas)
– Doors have quick and easy zero positioning – patented system

Dorma TENSOR System specifications:
– Maximum door width: 1000mm
– Maximum door height: 2500mm
– Maximum door weight: 65 Kg
– for thicknesses of 8mm, 10mm and 12mm ESG glass