Cladding with Ceramic Enameled Glass – EVOKERAM 

Helpful in daily use and easy to clean, EVOKERAM enamelled ceramic glass is the most practical solution for wall cladding. Whether used in homes, kitchen and bathroom areas, high traffic areas or for outdoor ventilated facades, any colour variation in the RAL palette can be used for EVOKERAM.

The fact we can create large single pieces at dimensions of up to 4400x2400mm, means we can create the feeling and sensation of a large, elegant, clean and spacious room. Large panels remove the need for many joints, a major drawback with stone cladding, which is also beneficial in terms of cleanliness and maintenance.

EVOKERAM is a tempered glass, which is 5 times tougher than regular glass. Its ability to withstand mechanical tightening in areas where specific applications or fixtures and fittings are required makes EVOKERAM a handy solution for wall cladding in office halls, glass doors or in homes for kitchens or bathrooms.
EVOKERAM glass is effortlessly cleaned and maintained. A spray with glass cleaning solution followed by delicate wiping of the glass surface is enough to ensure a pristine and glossy wall cladding.
In the case of bright colours, EVOKERAM also has an opaque layer to avoid seeing the bonding solution behind the glass. The use of low-iron glass has the advantage of accurately reproducing the chosen colour, especially in the case of bright shades. To avoid potential shade variations in the printed image, due to the iron oxides left in some glasses following the manufacturing process, it is advised to request a sample on the type of glass chosen: clear or ultra-clear.

Kitchen countertops with anti-abrasion treatment are usually made of 10 mm to 19 mm thick EVOKERAM glass. Colours can simply and naturally harmonise with the rest of the kitchen furniture, and CNC cutouts or channel options for water drainage complement EVOKERAM’s range of kitchen applications. The wall perpendicular to the worktop can also be cladded in glass, completing the modern image of a well equipped, hygenic kitchen.

Ventilated facades require EVOKERAM to be bonded a suitable distance from the concrete structure of a building using specific profiles. Our inhouse tests and trials on architectural glass bonding solutions are complemented by the results from similar tests done in the laboratory; including rapid aging tests. They prove that EVOKERAM’s ceramic enamel retains its features for over 20 years without the colours changing or fading and without being affected by the bonding solutions it was installed with. The beautiful play of colours on a durable EVOKERAM exterior wall cladding, and the benefits that such a facade generates, combine utility with modern design.