Folding Glass Doors MTG L-2500

Using EVODUR ESG glass, the MTG L-2500 system is one that allows for an ‘open plan’ spacious feel whilst stiil offering partitioned spaces.
For this system, the supporting fixture is only placed at the top center of each panel, so folding is done halfway through the width of the EVODUR ESG glass panel, which means only half of the panel is in each room it is being used to separate.

The MTG L-2500 system has no lower sliding track or floor guide, the entire weight of the assembly is firmly fastened into and supported by the ceiling structure.

MTG L-2400 specifications:
– maximum panel width: 850 mm
– Minimum panel width: 550 mm
– Maximum panel height: 2500mm
– maximum panel weight: 70 Kg

For ‘comfortable visual partitioning’ of any given space, we recommend placing a ceramic printed image or coloured stripes at eye level on the glass, using EVOPRINT. If the objective is to create a completely private space, then the entire surface of the EVODUR ESG can be ceramic printed with a special photo or image, at resolutions of up to 1330 DPI