Folding Glass Doors MTG L-1000

Generally speaking, modern day spaces, both private and public, are required to be as bright and open as possible. The MTG L-1000 systems perfectly facilitate these requirements.

With eccentric hinges mounted on each panel, EVODUR ESG glass glides on the hidden ceiling track without making contact with the floor. The absence of a lower sliding rail and any lower guide makes the MTG L-1000 an ideal partitioning option in areas where floor heating is already installed.

MTG L-1000 specifications:
– maximum panel width: 1000 mm
– Minimum panel width: 550 mm
– Maximum panel height: 3000mm
– maximum panel weight: 100 Kg

For ‘comfortable visual partitioning’ of any given space, we recommend placing a ceramic printed image or coloured stripes at eye level on the glass, using EVOPRINT. If the objective is to create a completely private space, then the entire surface of the EVODUR ESG can be ceramic printed with a special photo or image, at resolutions of up to 1330 DPI.