Glass Doors with Aluminium Frame – Dorma STUDIO RONDO

The most affordable range of Dorma Studio RONDO door frame fittings series has an elegant yet robust design and adapts easily to all your requirements. Extremely reliable, the RONDO Studio is available in two basic finishes (EV 1 and Stainless Steel) and 4 special finishes (Dorma 300, 105, 199 and 399 finishes).

The Dorma RONDO basic hardware set includes two hinges and a lock. Various handle models can be added to this set, and the entire assembly can be fitted with a with keyless locking system or keyless hub. For toilet doors there is a special locking system with a key on the inside of the door and with specific green / red signage on the outside.

The hinges fasten the EVODUR ESG or EVOLAM T tempered glass door to the aluminum frame, the door sealing on the rubber gasket.

This type of fitting allows for 8mm thick clear, ultra-clear (low-iron) or coloured glass.
If special security conditions are required, or the full visual partitioning of two rooms is desired, the hardware also allows for 4.4.2 configured EVOLAM K glass and optional ceramic enamel EVOKERAM variants using the RAL pallete

For high doors, use 3 hinges, offset in height, so as to hold and distribute the weight of the door. The aluminum case is specially designed to be installed for single doors, double doors or doors in glass partitions.