Curved Glass Railings

Curved tempered glass railings, using EVOLAM CONTOUR can create a very special feature in the office space or family home. There are different approaches to fixing these particular types of railing. Where the railing is being installed to protect against falling, safety and security is always’s Glas Expert’s first point of analysis.

One of the key aspects to the successful completion of a project involving contoured railings is the initial design. The second stage, as vital as the first, is the precise assembly of the structure. What usually makes the difference between a succesful of unsucessful installation is know-how, and Glas Expert’s vast experience in the installation of many different types of EVOLAM CONTOUR glass railing makes it the forerunner in this field.
Various types of contoured glass railings can be mounted on point fixings, with stainless steel fixtures having adjustable spacers to overcome radial deviations of the surface they are be mounted upon. Although technically difficult to achieve, this solution is the most spectacular.

Another example of a EVOLAM CONTOUR rail fixing solution is where the profile itself is moulded so that it precisely replicates the curvature of the concrete surface it is to be mounted upon. However, there are very few situations where the radius of curvature is constant throughout the site, requiring such a profile. These types of rolled profiles can be vertically mounted as well as on the floor. Concrete casting is a process in which all the details can not be controlled, so that the edges are usually irregular and do not meet the radius required in the project. Thus, if the EVOLAM CONTOUR rail fastening solution is one that does not allow deviations, the final result may be a doubtful alignment throughout the concrete. Therefore, rolled profiles represent the appropriate solution only in the case of construction sites where the execution details are fully respected.

If the radius of curvature deviations are high, the only option is to mount EVOLAM CONTOUR in ‘high tolerance’ hidden profiles that could be adapted on-site.

There are also several innovative EVOLAM CONTOUR glass rail mounting solutions involving glue. In this case, the entire surface area to be bonded/ glued/ fixed is hidden behind a screen-printed or ceramic enamel printed image.
So, depending on the dimensional ‘radius of curvature deviations’ in the area where the EVOLAM CONTOUR railing is to be installed, the assembly may include several mounting solutions including stainless steel fixing points, a visible or hidden wall mounted profile, floor fixtures, and/or a specific gluing/bonding solution.