Glass Furniture- Commercial

Shopping areas are constantly being upgraded through various decorative elements, so that the atmosphere is as welcoming as possible. Meanwhile, the objective is also to be as visible as possible and to expose all items for sale; a design challenge that inspires more and more bold ideas.

In case of jewelry stores, in order to ensure that the colours of the displayed items aren’t altered by the glass used to protect them, special ultra-clear (low-iron) or anti-reflective glass is required. Adding specialised lighting systems then gives the whole presentation a special glow and excellent exposure.

The UV bonding of EVODUR ESG safety glasses generates a clean, clear appearance and allows unrestricted viewing of all displayed objects.

Cutting the edges at 45 degrees and UV bonding them is a painstaking process that requires significant experience and attention to detail; a process Glas Expert is well aquainted with. We excel at creating and installing EVODUR ESG-tempered glass furniture with UV-glued 45 degree edges.

Upon request or if required by the project, UV bonded hinges can be used or, by drilling the EVODUR ESG tempered safety glass, buttons and latches with keys or magnets can be added. There are a wide range of hinges, 180 or 90 degree glass to glass joints, locks that can be fixed to the glass by drilling or UV bonding, and shelving systems or sliding systems for display cabinets with mobile doors.

Adding push systems makes it easy to open the showcases by simply pressing the door, when ‘secure’ closure is not a mandatory requirement.