Glass Cladding with Ceramic Printed Glass – EVOPRINT 

Cladding with EVOPRINT glass is a very effective way colourfully embellish any wall’s surface with a desired image. We can simulate natural surfaces, such as marble or wood, and/or use images or decals to create an absolutely unique environment. Glass wall cladding is easy to maintain and is a stylish, elegant solution for both commercial areas and for family home interiors.

To ensure the accurate rendering of an image when using printed ceramic colours, we usually use ultra-clear glass, with varying thicknesses depending on the size required. Printing with ceramic ink enables us to incorporate high resolution coloured images.
Once the ceramic ink is applied to the glass, it undergoes the tempering process, at which point the pigment fuses with the glass permanently and, due to the inorganic component of the ceramic mixture, EVOPRINT is UV and abrasion resistant and also resistant to chemical agents.

We can ceramic print your own images or you can choose one from our database, all of which are available at high resolution. Depending on the application, it is possible to include an opaque layer. For the EVOPRINT glass cladding it is necessary to apply an additional layer of ceramic enamel to sufficiently cover the glass so that the adhesive behind it can not be seen. If EVOPRINT is mounted in a profile or point fixing, it is not necessary to apply the opaque layer, but in this case you should consult the EVOPRINT visual evaluation handbook, which is available on request.

EVOPRINT can accomodate very high resolution 1440 DPI photographic images and source files can be in .TIF, .JPEG, .AI, .CDR, .EPS, or .PDF formats. After adapting the chosen image to the actual glass dimensions, thanks to the image processing program, we can control the transparency levels of the printed photo in different areas of EVOPRINT.

The EVOPRINT wall cladding is very easy to maintain and clean; perfect for applications with high hygiene requirements, such as kitchens, in hospitals, toilets and bathrooms. Glass cladding means better hygiene, ease of operation and a almost 100% stain resistance. Another major advantage of EVOPRINT is that large one-piece panels can be made, without the joints present in natural stone cladding.Other uses would be for gymnasiums, entrances, lifts/elevators, shopping areas and galleries.

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