Mirrors for Bathrooms 

Any bath room needs at least one mirror. Depending on the area where it is installed, the mirror can be 4mm or 6mm in clear, bronze or gray.
Glas Expert finishes and mounts mirrors that comply with European Standards, which are the highest in the world. In the case of our mirrors, the quality of the raw materials used is vital and extremely high by necessity. All of our mirrors are guaranteed against corrosion.

Our mirrors retain their pristine structure and appearance for at least 10 years, even in high humidity environments like bathrooms. The type of adhesives used by Glas Expert to bond the mirror to the wall are also of the highest quality; our bonding solutions have been ‘rapid age’ tested to 20 years or more, which is double the lifespan of the mirror itself.

The mirrors are easy to mount on the wall, even when cutouts are required to incorporate valves, sockets or light fixtures. In this case, the cuts are made on the CNC machine with an inner corner radius of at least 10 mm.

Additionally, a highly practical and convenient mirror demisting system can be fitted. The demister can be connected to the light switch, so that when the bathroom light is turned on, the demister heats up and the mirror is kept mist and condensation free, no matter how humid it may be in the room.

To improve the appearance of the bathroom and/or to add an extra light source, warmer or cooler LEDs can be incorporated into the structure behind the mirror.