Automatic Sliding Doors for Outdoor

Dorma has an incredibly large variety of exterior automatic sliding doors, covering every aspect called for in large office buildings with high traffic, or in private areas with low traffic. With wooden, aluminum or stainless steel frames that are adaptable to different types of snow/wind/ traffic intensity loads, and using advanced information processing systems to managing and control the relevant data, Dorma covers the full range of requirements.

There are numerous different types of automatic door options, thanks to the wide variety of base and upper door rails, fixtures and fittings, glass types and other special high tech materials available.

Rigorous regulatory testing is done on the controls dictating the acceleration and deceleration rate of exterior automatic sliding doors under emergency conditions, even for heavy doors of over 200 Kg.

‘Performance’, ‘efficiency’ and ‘reliability’ are just a few words that characterise Dorma’s exemplary sliding automatic systems.