Automatic Sliding Doors for Indoor

DORMA Automatic Sliding Door Systems are powerful examples of complete, holistic solutions developed for both indoor and outdoor use.
Dorma’s MAGNEO automatic sliding door system is suitable for indoor installation – whether it be for a public, commercial or private venue. The stylish design has a minimalist, clean line that blends perfectly to meet any requirement. Innovative magnetic technology ensures that MAGNEO is safe, reliable, quiet, non-touch and durable.

MAGNEO’s modern design significantly transforms interior spaces, while supporting environmental initiatives. Its easy operation makes it an attractive and efficient way to combine the function and appearance of the interior door. Its extremely sensitive operation instantly detects any obstacle and the system is programmed to stop closing or opening the door in this case.

Doors are activated is by means of a ‘presence sensor’, without requiring direct physical contact; by using a remote control or by means of traditional infrared motion sensors.

A wide variety of options are available to you when choosing an automatic door, with or without frame, with the optional door opening sensor installed on one door or on both, with or without a floor rail or lower guide system.

For ‘comfortable visual partitioning’ of any given space, we recommend placing a ceramic printed image or coloured stripes at eye level on the glass, using EVOPRINT. If the objective is to create a completely private space, then the entire surface of the EVODUR ESG can be ceramic printed with a special photo or image, at resolutions of up to 1330 DPI.