Anti Steam Mirrors 

The electric anti-misting system glued to the back of the bathroom mirror is a highly practical and elegant solution to the ‘steamed mirror’, caused by baths and showers. The demisting system is sized and adapted to the mirror’s dimensions.

The systems are available in 3 variants, in size and power:
– 274x 358 mm, 17,5 W electric power
– 410x 524 mm, 40 W electric power
– 708x 524mm, 70 W electric power

The mirror anti steam foil is designed to prevent condensation on the mirror’s surface. It is an efficient product, especially for bathroom mirrors, where there is often high humidity and steam. Having the bathroom mirror steam up is an inconvenience and venting the bathroom does not solve the problem.

The mirror anti steam foil has been designed to offer convenience when we want to use the mirror after showering or bathing.
The bathroom mirror surface is usually cooler than the rest of the room, which causes steam to condensate on it.

The foil strip prevents condensation because it keeps the mirror at a higher temperature, close to that of the environment. The foil is made up of a wire mesh that heats and transfers the heat to the surface of the mirror, much in the same manner as the rear screen heater in your car. If the demister is coupled to the light switch, the foil heats every time the light is activated.